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Issue Date: December 1-15, 2008, Posted On: 11/28/2008

Boston Bhangra Competition goes global


Top right: California-based Bhangra Empire took first place in the 5th annual Boston Bhangra Competition. Above left: Bhangra Empire earned bragging rights and a $2,500 prize at the 5th annual Boston Bhangra Competition on Nov. 15. Above right: The Boston Bhangra Juniors team, while not taking part in the competition, exhibited their skills at the event. Photos by rakimagery.com

Boston Bhangra Inc. hosted its 5th annual Boston Bhangra Competition at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on Nov. 15.

The event sold out for the fifth straight year, with close to 3,000 people in attendance.

The competition level was very diverse and extremely competitive, with teams from across the United States and Canada involved. Teams hailed from Vancouver, Canada; California; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Florida; New Jersey and Boston.

In all, 12 teams competed in the three and one-half hour event, with Bhangra Empire from California taking top honors. The team from Virginia Commonwealth University placed second, and the third spot was awarded to Sher Foundation of California.

The Boston Bhangra Competition also featured special performances by the legendary Alaap group, one of the pioneers of Bhangra in the United Kingdom. Alaap sang "Cham Cham Nachdi Phiran," "Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye," "Jind Mahi" and "Makhna."

One World Cuisine served as the food vendor at the event, while Sahara One, Taj Hotels, Akshaya Patra and One World Cuisine were the main sponsors.

The show was recorded by Sahara One and will air internationally on television sometime in December. Areas like America, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom and potentially India/Pakistan might get to view the event. This is the only bhangra competition to have global television exposure.

To learn more about Boston Bhangra, visit www.bostonbhangra.com, call (617) 448-2508 or e-mail: info@bostonbhangra.com.

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